Charite ! =)

  First image from my shoot with Charite ! Really pleased with the results, I must say. She is incredibly easy to photograph and pose =)

Shot in the studio first, and went out for a quick walk afterwards, just taking going around the house, and behind a few shops etc.  and the weather was kinda perfect, with the sun just about to set. Well, aside from the fact that it was ridiculously cold !

Make up is done by Miriam 



This outfit kinda reminds me of Sonia Rykel for H&M, now that I think about it =)



New blog !

I cant belive I havent posted this here yet ! But I have new blog and it can be found at my own domain at !

Ive been blogging there the last few months!

Hope everyone who follows my old blog takes the time to go and visit it, and add it to bookmark, rss feed or something.

Charite, Annikken and Kristine

  Last post with images from this shoot (promise!) =)



(I spent so much time cloning away underwear on the one over here. With all the transitions, it can be – very – tedious work =))


A year in Stats (and lists) !

Top Fives !


(links people hit to get the hell out of my blog)

  1. (my actionset) – 207 clicks
  2. (my girlfriends blog) – 140 clicks
  3. (my portfolio) – 129 clicks
  4. (alt. link to my port) – 114 clicks
  5. (a model I photographed) – 113 clicks



(sites that sent people in my direction)

  1. – 1907 hits
  2. entire 2 – 4th and 3 – 7 th place is from random forums threads. kinda boring. skipping them.
  3. – 443 hits
  4. – 333 hits
  5. – 145 hits


Top posts and pages

(the stuff you crazy people liked best on my blog, or that is best optimized for google, depending on how you see it)

  1. Beauty Portfolio – 1388 hits.
  2. Photoshoot: Marianne Sivertsen – 967 hits
  3. Classical Rembrandt Lighting – 845 hits
  4. Photoshoot: Linn Lange – 831 hits
  5. Christina B – 763 hits


Search Engine Terms

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  1. “rembrandt lighting” – 1081 searches
  2. “ingrid” – 128 searches
  3. “ida anette røed” – 109 searches
  4. “dodge and burn technique” – 87 searches
  5. “rembrant lighting” – 80 searches, done by people who cant spell.


Just WTF?!

(things people googled and got dissapointed about when ending up here)

  • “mastrubation” – 19 searches that led to my site. Nice. Hope it didnt dissapoint.
  • “nsfw” – 17 people got dissapointed when landing her searching from their work computers. sorry guys!
  • “bad skin” – some 28 teenagers searching for a cure for their bad skin also got rather dissapointed when they landed on my retouching tutorial or something instead.
  • “weirdest” – 26 people think Im pretty weird. or something like that.

So with that, Ill leave you with a happy new year =) Enjoy my schedualed posts for the rest of the the year. And I will see you again in the next =) With a NEW blog coming up, hosted on my own server ! Look out for it =)


Maria M #1 on location

A image from my shoot with Maria M =)

Same image used in my article about the quadras. Sadly havent had time to retouch images from this spectacularly cold shoot yet. It. Was. Freezing.


Grunge !

A few location shots of Charite. Shot these right outside the studio after we where done with our studio session last time..

Weather was rather awesome. Just after sunset. To bad it was cold as hell!

Testing some new textures etc here. Some soft grunge brushes..  Doesnt really show that much, but it gives some grain and structur to the images =)



And another one, a little bit happier =D With some vintage tones.


I bet the first thing you notice, is the awesome wardrobe here. Wich is because the coat is mine, so its natrually rather legendary. 

Kristine E !

   Ett par bilder til av Kristine =) Dette er noen av bildene jeg tok av henne alene da hun var hos meg å fotograferte seg sammen med vennegjengen sin =) (som du kan se flere bilder av bakover i bloggen !)





Artistic Nudes

A few more of these, that I realized I havent blogged.


Nudes_01_by_Pakse Nudes_04_by_Pakse Nudes_06_by_Pakse Nudes_12_by_Pakse _MG_8155-Edit _MG_8166-Edit _MG_8170-Edit