Photoshoot: Anette og Eirik

From a shoot I had earlier this week.. Needed some models for a classical assignment, and they wanted some – different – image som themselves together ! =D

So trying to drop all the classical stuff Ive started to get stuffed into my head lately, I aimed for something a bit more edgy, and well.. more fashion / commercially styled.. =)

(oh, and also, Ive finally figured out how to get that REALLY slick computer animted-ish skin tones you see a lot in commercials etc..Ill probably do a tutorial on it after new year, when things calm down a bit more..look forward to it!)

Well, anyway; heres the images:



2 responses to “Photoshoot: Anette og Eirik

  1. Jeg syns du kan lage den tutorialen med en gang jeg :p

    • hehe =D har det så travelt for tiden.. =D
      men har laget en lyssetting tutorial jeg skal poste nå..
      på beauty lighting.. =)

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