Lighting: Beauty light

So here comes my first lighting tutorial..

A simple set up that I use variations of a lot for my beauty shots..

Heres a chart with how I set it up: And since I forgot to put it up on the chart itself; heres the lighting input.

If the main light is set to about F8, the two light coming from behind should be about 1 – 2 stops above that, and they should be equally strong.


If you use it just like that, it should (hopefully) turn out something like this:



Or you can use different variations of the set up.

For instance, here are a few of my favorites; This one is lit with the same mainlight, and the reflector below, but instead of two backlights, I have one. And its slightly weaker than in the initial set up.


Or you can even swap the main light: Here I use a normal strobe without a grid as mainlight instead of the beauty dish. And I use a single strobe to light from the behind.


Hope it comes in handy for some of you out there =)


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