On Ringflashes

Since (apparently) everyone read strobist, this probably isnt news for most people. But you know, if you havent seen this and are thinking about buying a ringflash, you should see it.

(as some of you may or may not know, I pretty recently bought a ringflash and a portable powerpack)

Heres the link to the strobist post; with a video by John Richard testing a Profoto Ringflash and a SB800 + a rayflash adapter.


Its rather intresting to see how close the rayflash look is to the “real thing”, but atleast for me, who happens to not own a nikon d3 or a 5d mk ii wich takes good pictures at 2500ISO (wich you had to use for a fullfigure shot on the rayflash @ 80mm). Im really glad I didnt get a simple adapter (I was actually looking for the rayflash thingy in Norway, but couldnt find anyone selling it).

The pros of the pro flash seems pretty crucial; it can take images on F11 without problem (I also have no problem on higher Fs like, F18 if I need that to overrun the sun), the flash has more movability (it can be very important).

For instance here;


I flipped the ringflash a bit to get a better light on him, and not to much down on the ground.

And ofcourse – as he mentions in the video to; you dont have to wait about 7 years between each shot (really, if you’ve shoot with me, you know I shoot ALOT, and I shoot fast:P).

Also I also use strong strobes in studio, so a rayflash wouldnt be very usuable for the beauty work I envision using it for.. =D


One response to “On Ringflashes

  1. Hei der!
    Jeg vurderer sterkt å bestille en ABR800 + Vagabond 2 fra Alienbees.
    Regner ikke med at det finnes noen grossister som selger dette i Norge så regner med at jeg må bestille dette fra statene.
    Ser du har anskaffet tilsvarende utstyr og har derfor noen få spørsmål ang. utstyr og shipping.

    Hvor lang tid tar det fra man bestiller utstyret til det ligger på postkontoret?
    Hvor mye må jeg forvente å betale for fortollingen?
    Trenger man noe adapter for å kunne bruke utstyret i norge?
    Kan man kjøre andre lamper fra Vagabonden? Har den 220v uttak?

    Håper på positivt svar 🙂

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