action set for Photoshop CS

So finally, Ive finished creating my action set, it consists of pretty much all the color and toning effects I use in most of my images, and it also got a few handy workflow related actions;

like a Clarity-like effect for use in photoshop (much like the clarity slider in LR), some portrait poppers with contrast and sharpening for batching, my edgy BW conv, and many others.

Heres the download link:

And heres a few examples with descriptions.

Heres a image of Daniel(well, I think thats his name), its a rather old one. Here Ive simply used my “Cruel Dynamic” action, and really, nothing more I think.  Its a quick and easy way to get that edgy look. I think it requires minimum PS CS3.  Not sure if CS2 has that shd/high adjustment I use here.


And here, on this shot of Ingrid Ive used my “PurpleSmurple” action (yes, I do know its an awesome name for action), and Ive reduced the effect by about 10 – 20 opacity (it comes off a bit strong by default), and the skin is retouched with Portraiture, and I just finished it up by dodgin / burning abit eyes, and adding my “Portraitpopper” action for some extra contrast and sharpening.  Purplesmurple is by far my most used and favorite action =D


Here’s a little sample of my “Heat it up!” action. Ive first retouched the images with my normal beauty flow; remove all the bad skin stuff, treat the skin with a bit portraiture, add my “Portraitpopper” action, D&B eyes, and then to finished up and get that warm look; I’ve added my “Heat it up!” action, and then masked it away from the eyes.


Saving the best for lasts; heres a quick sample of my very own vintage action; theres quite abit of processing, manipulation on this one so I wont go to much into that. But its editing like normal first, adding the person to the BG, remove blemishes, portraitured, adding contrast to the whole scene together, pumping up the sky with some more saturation, and to finish I used my “Vintage Cruel” action to get these color tones.


Hope you enjoy my action pack; and let me know if you have any bugs, or problems with it, and let me know if you like it to =D


12 responses to “ action set for Photoshop CS

  1. George Bennett

    Beautiful work – Thanks.

  2. Thanks for uploading, im gonna play around with this on some of my images. Maybe show you the result too 😉

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  4. You mentioned that you retouched the skin with Portraiture. Is this a separate program, a technique or another action by you?

    • Its a plug-in for photoshop. I dont have the website in my head, but try to google “portraiture imagenomic” or something like that =) Costs a bit, but its worth every penny =)

  5. Its a very god render.

  6. Thank you for sharing these. They are awesome actions. I really love your work! Great stuff!

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