Fashion Portraits of Trine W.

From my photoshoot today with Trine W =)

Fashion portraits is such a nice “genre”. Really. I wish all my clients wanted something in this style. Mix between portraiture and fashion. Fashion poses and retouching on none-fashion models =D

Started out abit out of location, but it was kinda cold, and I had kinda forgot the way, so needless to say, we where quick to head back into the studio Oo

Tried some new skin retouch techiques on the first one here;

Mainly Surface Blur, and highpass to bring back texture, and also some new D&B techs.



And went for a bit metallic-editorial style here, but I got lazy on the healing stamping at the beginning, so the skins far from perfect. (Have to bring up ALOT of detail on the image for this technique, and it really fucks up skin pretty nicely. so I should’a been a bit more careful there. )Next time. Maybe. If I have time. Wich I probably dont)



2 responses to “Fashion Portraits of Trine W.

  1. Så fine bilder av Trine 🙂

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