Complete Portfolio Revamp

Ive been updating my portfolio yesterday. Took down the entire thing, and reuploaded everything I wanted back up. Removing most of my old junk, and cutting it down to 10 – 20 images in each portfolio (rather than 40 – 50 like I used to have).

Also contemplating to switch to a completely wordpress portfolio. Using Pages to showcase my images. Ive started some testing, and put up a beauty portfolio here on the blog. Feel free to check it out and leave comments wheter you like it or not.

What I wonder is really, if the world is ready for a blogportfolio to showcase your works. Flashsites have been the standar for quite some time now, and it work quite well, but I have to keep two pages updated, and the blog def. gathers alot more hits than my normal portfolio that lacks the constant updates and RSS possibilities.
What do you think? Should I drop my fancy flash site, and go all wordpress, or is it still worth having? If for nothing else, then for the more exclusive look and feel when showing to potential clients?

And as always you can find my portfolio at, or at my sidebar here on the blog ;=)


2 responses to “Complete Portfolio Revamp

  1. I think you probably need to be 100% clear about why you’re considering changing – are you just seeking more hits?
    Have you seen any WordPress blogfolios that you would be 100% happy with (or at least more happy with than you current installation?)
    I like your flash portfolio quite a bit – where did you get it if you don’t mind me asking?
    Good luck in whatever you choose.

    • A big part of the reason why Im chaning I guess is that its a lot more dynamical, easily updated etc.
      Havent really seen that many blogfolios that I like better than my flash site, but ones gotta be the first, right? =D
      I guess Ill ponder the issue a bit more..

      My flash Portfolio is from, its called Sadie =)

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