Oslo 5. – 10. mars

Im heading to Oslo 5 – 10.  of Mars. 

Attending Fotografi 2009 / Lennart Nilsson Conference.

What Im looking forward to is;

Results from the NFF competition

Results from the CAP comptetition

Some great lectures from people like;

-Morten Krogvold

-Morten Qvale

-Signe Ragmund

-Some other fashion-girl-photographer I forgot the name o’ 

-And some fill-stuff just to have something to do

-Hopefully Ill also get the chance to shoot a bit with Remi (Im crashing in his room, btw, haha =D). Currently trolling MM and Fo-mo.net etc for models in Oslo. Contact me if intrested. 

-Spend some time with Ingrid in Oslo

-Some semi-secret work-future-esque-stuff Ill share more about if it goes well =D Hope it does. Really.

And, in other news;

Got two shoots coming up next week; one with May Celine and one with Anikken E-something.  Planning to do some more location work, wich Im REALLY looking forward to. Im so tired of studio work after a long, dark and cold winter. Got some cool props for a few studio shots to- though.

And heres a image for good measure;

Just finished editing this shot(s) of Anikken Engesvik. cf062046-edit


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  1. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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