Fotografi 2009!

So, Im back home now (well ive been for a couple of days, actually!). 

Caught a lot of intersting lectures in Oslo.

My favorite was perhaps one from a danish photographer called Signe Vilstrup. She has a awesome editorial style, and she showed ALOT of images, and talked about some creative technique things she did. You can view her work at her homepage.

Also saw Morten Qvale, wich has a good second here; he also showed lots of images and a few behind the scenes vidoes (love those). You can see his work at his homepage; 

Also saw a quick 30 minute-esque talk with Leif Preus, wich also was good, but his english was a bit shaky 😉

Was abit dissapointed by the Morten Krogvold lecture; he wasnt quite as tall as Id imaginged, and not quite as well.. enganged? But it was good. better than a lot of things Ive seen at most of the seminars Ive been to! You can view his work at =)

Ill do another post on some new awesome photo gear Ive gotten! But now I gotta play some Fable II (damn, addicting!)


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