Professional Dodge & Burn Technique

Here is a quick example on how much a good dodge & burn can do for a image.

Pay extra attention to the bones on the chest etc that is practiacally none-existant on the origianal file, but relly pops out on the finished version. And how slimming the small shadows on the hips and legs are.  

No blur / patch on skin here. Only D&B to even out the skin tones. Retaining texture etc perfectly in the skin. And also; denim jeans look awesome with this technique! 



5 responses to “Professional Dodge & Burn Technique

  1. nice photoblog, nice retouching

  2. Ser litt mye photoshoppet ut, ser ikke helt naturlig ut, men fine bilder 😉

    • Wasn’t going for natrual =)
      Men litt over the top, kanskje her ja. Lagde en versjon til med ca 30% mindre opacity på D&B laget. Det ble nok noe bedre =)

  3. Very cool! I discovered the benefits of dodge and burn a month back, and I love using it… Thank you for sharing

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