Urban art + sunset

First off; the shoot I had today was cancelled. I called and cancelled it because the weather was shitty like 30 minutes before the shoot. Ofcourse the sun came back about the time I would have started shooting. Nice.

And also; I planned this shoot on Firday, because that was the only day the weather was going to be good according to yr.no , turns out we’ve had hot weather and sun monday, tuesday, wedens and thursday, and on Friday we got rain. Nice going there. My powers of foresight is impressive, indeed. 

Gonna have it on Sunday instead. Ive got a party to attend at Saturday, in Trondheim, so I just hope Ill be able to not be hung over like shit. 

Anyway; heres the images from mine and Ingrids little trip outside with our cameras =)

A simple sunset with a long shutter and F22 for cool starry light, not using a tripod, but leaning the camera on the fence of a bridge.



And heres a more artsy shot. Shot in a similar fashion of my other Urban art shots, down on the ground with focus set to closest, shot without looking trough the viewfinder. Used long shutter and f22 here to.. wanted to slur the water a bit. Added som texture since my sensor is so dusty it almost looks like a texture in the first place, so its 10 times quicker to add more, and pretend thats what I wanted than it is to actually clone away the 102313 thousand something dust spots / dead pixels / crap. 



2 responses to “Urban art + sunset

  1. Det ble et pent bilde av “blindskuddet” og teksturen skapte veldig mye stemning i bildet 🙂
    Minner litt om pin hole-utstillingen jeg så i Fotografiens Hus for et par uker siden. De fleste bildene var tatt på Svalbard.

    • Har sett den utstillingen jeg også; eller deler ihvertfall. Av Morten Løberg, med medfølgende foredrag på CAP dagene ifjor =)
      Mange fine / spesielle bilder der ja =)

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