Last post on trude h

Last post on Trude H. now.

First Ill start of with a simple redux of one of my earlier ones. I did a little less dodge on this one. 25% instead of 100% on the dodge layer. It looked a tad to bright on my screen atleast.


And a couple more of the same “look”. 

Did some warming on the color one, 1 x “Heat it up!” action on the image as a whole, + 2 x more of the same action on the sunglasses (like they where reflecting the sun), and one more of that action run at 10% only on her shadow.



And heres a few a bit more fun ones =D :



And just a test version of one of the first images I posted. With cold cyanotype colours from the default LR preset on top of my original retouch.

Hope this post wasnt to long for you to bother with reading / viewing ! 

Well, now Im off to the studio to set up my gear, I think I need to charge my powerpack (luckily it only takes about an hour n a half) and one of the cameras before the wedding shoot today!


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