images i found on 08.05.09

just a few of the images i found and liked on the interwebs today.. 

this is btw a new category. using the “Press this!” function kinda like a FFFFOUND! thing.

tada4.jpg picture by tiffany915

Camilla Åkrans » Man About Town » 3

cute kid indeed. this is why we love redheads? they are all just so cute. 

i really’d love to do something similar to this.. 

Фотограф Robert Jaso (98 фото - 3.88Mb)

Фотограф Robert Jaso (98 фото - 3.88Mb)


and this is just grouse.

seriously. whats wrong with people.

i like it. in a weird way. makes you wonder what is wrong with me.

Squid Head

these are the coolest muffins ive seen. 




i think this whole surfing around on ffffound thing can be rather addictive.


another internet service i have to spend hours on everyday.

its just what i needed =)


3 responses to “images i found on 08.05.09

  1. Skulle gjerne sett flere av bildene fra serien med blekkspruten eller hva det er ^^

  2. Var faktisk en 2 – 3 stk til, men husker ikke helt hvor de hører hjem 😛

  3. elsket de bildene her!
    Du virker som en dyktig fotograf=)

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