Dramatic Sky

I actually got of my arse and went out and shot a few natureshots with my new 500D + kit lens (since my wide angle is still on back order.–  Yay)

Saw the nice sky when me and Ingrid was driving home from our dinner with my mom in Levanger. And I just had to shoot it, but first I had to drive to the studio and pick up my camera, and a tripod, and by the time I got back to the place I wanted to shoot, the sun had – ofcourse – hidden behind a really really thick cloud, and some of the magic was kinda lost, but I still think it turned out pretty neat.

It was also a nice chance to try out a new technique for bringing out details. Works kinda nice on skies to ;=)

Anyhooow, heres the long awaited images!




2 responses to “Dramatic Sky

  1. Coole bilder 😀 tror nok skjermen min er litt feil kalibrert, da skyene på det øverste bildet nesten er helt svart 😛
    Veldig dramatisk himmel på det nederste, liket det veldig godt 😀

  2. Her ser skyene i begge bildene bra ut 🙂 Likte også det nederste, det er bra lys i forgrunnen (men kanskje litt for kaldt/kraftig sammenlignet med det varme, myke lyset i bakgrunnen?), og utrolig spennende himmel.

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