Oh, and btw

Oh, and btw, I think I actually have managed to NOT blog about this yet. I do post most images I retouch, but I’ve actually managed not to blog about the fact that I’ve got a job and that I’m moving to Trondheim 1.7. ;=) 

Im continuing to work in Studio G , but I will be working at our studio in Heimdal as a fulltime photographer. I really can’t wait.  Things are a bit more stressful over there, with a lot more bookings, and a lot less time on each shoot, but Im really looking forward to a change of pace ;=) It’ll be nice photographing / sellling a lot more, and doing less of the framing, packaging etc :=)

And Im also, feeling a bit inspired by Scott Kelbys “Embarassing photo thursday”, I think its only appropiate that I post the image I recently had taken for our new website . Its not taken in the 80’s and I’m not wearing a tight pair of jeans and a awkard sports jacket, but still… 

Ole M


6 responses to “Oh, and btw

  1. Gratulerer med ny jobb, og hurra for Trondheim. 🙂

  2. Gratulerer så mye med jobb da! 😀

  3. Gratulerer med jobb 😀

  4. kjempe kjekt bilde kjell har tatt 😀 ingrid ønsker sånn i gave *smilerkjempesøtt*
    Vii skal til Trondheim 😀

    • Takk Ithil og Julie =)

      Ingrid, ups, sa jeg det var Kjell ? da løy jeg litt. jeg som lyssatte, og hun som var utplassert som tok bildet av både meg og kjell 😛

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