Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk

So, yesterday, I participated in Scott Kelbys World Wide Photowalk. Its a arrangement with over 900 cities participating, where photographers all over the world just simply stroll around with their cameras in their respective cities, taking pictures, talking and just having fun =) 

Natrually I had to participate here in Trondheim. And here’s a few of my shot. I think Ill start with my favorites from the day =)



This one is perhaps my most favorite shot. Its shot in the middle of the day. The only post production here is bringing in some details (Ill do a video tutorial on that very soon, btw) in the sky, a little curving for contrast, a little more curving for some selective darkening and lightening to get a bit more depth and I did some minor colour tweaking (mainly, warmed it up, and added some blue and purple hues that I later desaturated a bit).



And this is my second favorite shot. What I like here is the perspective. I kinda regretted not bringing my proper wide angle zoom, though. I must admit. The post prod here is the same bringing in detail I did on the last image, and I did some selective D&B and brought forth some warmer tones and a little desaturating :=)

And here is the rest of the images I edited. Without the boring commentary ;=)

IMG_9750   IMG_9759 IMG_9752-EditIMG_9757


2 responses to “Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk

    • Hehe:) well you where just going like twice the speed limit! 😉

      -opprinn. melding- Emne: [] Comment: “Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk”

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