may åse + bjørn

The 04.07 I shoot the wedding for May Åse and Bjørn. May Åse is a friend of Ingrid’s so we where also kinda guests, but most of the time (except the party) I was shooting.

I know this post is kinda way past due. Since its like 2 weeks or something ago. But I hope you can bear with me ;=) I havent had internet on my main computer for some time now, and blogging on my Macbook is so slooooooooooooooooow so I’ve been postponing pretty much everything for a few weeks =) It’s felt quite OK, actually := D Realxing. Or something like that. Alas, now I’m back up and blogging (2 entries in like what, two days? insane activity).

Anyway here are some of the first edits from the wedding. Ill probably do another post on it with some more PJ style images =)



I managed to shoot this entire thing in jpeg (go me), so it was kinda tricky bringing in some highlights in this shot (I had to reset the camera, since the last person who used to own it had some pretty fucked up setting on the screen). But I managed.. nothing like a little desaturating to cover up jpeg colour artifacts =D

This is actually also the first time I used my Tokina 12-24 I think. Or maybe the second. But the first time on a full frame camera, atleast. I get it without vignetting to about 18 – 19mm, wich is kinda nice. Feels pretty wide on full frame.


One of my better bridals I think. The veil is just to awesome. Suns barely streaks it trough the trees to give that warm feel in it (well ok so i helped it along a little in photoshop.. but i had a nice starting point).


Its just so nice to shoot against the sky and the sun when I have time to use my powerpack + flash =D Boling 400W is the mainlight, and the sun is my kicker here, you can see it hitting his tux from the right, adding some seperating from the backgound.


Perhaps my favorite shot of the day. Kind of a situational shot, I just saw it while walking and had Ingrid turn around with the flash (shes still carrying my stupid light on a stick..)

All these are shot on a 5d mk ii + 24-70L and Tokina 12-24 =)


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