Dressed up Ingrid

Some images of Ingrid from May Åses wedding. The first one here I shot while I was waiting for the couple doing a little drive away to draw away the other people. I was just strolling around the curch looking for a nice place to shoot. Wasnt that easy to find. Since I had a VERY strong sun (like f16ish) and very little shade, and very few decent backgrounds..

Did some quick vintage tones in Lightroom on this one. Warmer whitebalance, less saturation etc.


And this one I shot after the bride and groom where done with their formals, after Ive packed down my gear. I kinda like it. Perhaps I should have shoot the B&G here instead.. but I think they where eager to starting the drinking by the end of the shoot, anyway ;P

Did some photoshopping on the sun (as you can see. Perhaps). Ive just added some purple and orange (purplesmurple!!) to the sun streaks, for a bit more searing sunlight, and I ve cooled down the rest of the colours, with blue on shadows and some light yellow on the highlights, trough Variations (a very handy tool, Ive discovered!)


Anyway, hope you enjoy these! And it feels good to really be back to blogging =D Ive felt a bit detached these last weeks. Now I just gotta get started shooting personal work again!


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