Karin Park #2

Ok, so this image is insanely past due. Like a couple of months or something.

Some time ago I had the chance to photograph Karin Park. You might or might not know the name (suprisingly few of my friends do.), but anyway, shes a musician, and recently an actor.




For a brief introduction she debuted with her album “Superworldunknown” in like 2002 – 2003ish I think. And she has later published “Change your mind” and now recently “Ashes to gold”.  “Superworldunknown” was very sweet pop with a sweet girl and a guitar ‘and everything, wich you could never ever get out of your head, but her later albums have been a bit darker, more electronic (shes dropped the guitar and the band, and its produced by Datarock).

I prefer the later albums.

My favorite songs are (in no particular order) “Red horses”(spotify link!), “Bachlorette”, “Can’t stop now”(I also like the fact that shes used stop motion for this video) and “Superworldunknown”.

You can listen to some songs from her latest album on her MySpace. But I dont think you can find songs from earlier albums there, so you’d have to buy or youtube them =)

She can also be seen in the recent Norwegian film “Skjult” where I think she has a pretty major role (I must admit I havent seen it. Since I dont watch norwegian movies by principle.  Atleast not if I have a choice)

Anyway, Ive been listening to her music since the first album. Ive actually even BOUGHT the albums. Seriously. Like as a actual CD. Its like 3 out of 6 CDs Ive bought in the last 6 years. So  natrually you should purchase them to. Now.



For this last one Im gonna add a close up to. 100%ish from the file. I was really impressed by the Nikon D200 + Tamron 28-75 on this shoot! So sharp. Its better than what I normally get with f.ex 1ds mk iii + 24-70 on the few occasions ive used that. And definitely sharper than the hasselblad + 80mm 2,8 (probably mostly because I only have one focus point, and I cant fine tune it in on the eyes as easily..)


And also. Its kinda a brag on my skin retouch. I think its pretty good. Ive kept all structure, but still looks smooth, and high end-ish.  Sadly I rarely have time for such skin retouch. Takes way to long, when so few people sees the difference from Portraiture etc. And if they see it, they dont really care.. ah.. what has happened to appriciation of real skill and dedication (dedication and lots of time, for the most part, though) ;=D 



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