May Silje + Paul Andre

Some images from the last shoot I had in Steinkjer on my sparetime, I think =)

(its a little time since I actually shot these – in other words.)

This is actually the first time I use my Tokina 12-24 on people. I think I wrote it was my first time on another post to. But this is really the first one 😛



This part was actually kinda intresting. Since I had them walk out there on the stones, and she was wearing high heels. So it was a bit tricky. And anyway, we used about 5 minutes out there, but when they where gonna go back in, the water had risen a bit, so the stones they used to walk in on, was like barely visible =D So I also snapped a few  shots while the where making their way back. And I actually those are the shots that turned out most fun / best ^^


Here they are really trying. Rather oblivious to the fact that I was still shooting. I think.


And this one’s a bit more posed.. =)



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