Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince

So me and went to watch Harry Potter some days ago, and I have – ofcourse been really really looking forward to it, as the good Harry Potter fan I am. I always preordered the books, and read them in about 1 – 2 days, and saw most the movies so far on the premiere. So needless to say Im a big big fan, but I must say I wasnt really impressed with this movie.

It was simply rather boring. 

No real climax. Well apart from the dumbledore thingy. But there was no action, or real thrill.

Hope the next one is better =)

Anyway. Before the movie me and ingrid went shopping and I bought a new router so I – finally – have internet on my desktop, and I also got a new phone!!

Its a Nokia 5800 express music or something like that. Im honestly not sure about the name, but thats the one that looked most like mine on google images ;D


Anyway, so we also shopped some clothes and stuff, heres a few images of Ingrid holding all the bags 😀


Aaaand a random close up detail shot.


Before the movie we also went to Peppe’s Pizza to eat. We ate the worst pizza ever.


But atleast the weather was nice, so I took out my camera and got this shot outside the resturant


After the movie we had to get home – natrually – so we decided to try to use our new bought bicycle cards. That lets you grab a bike from select places and borrow for 3 hours. It costs like 80,- for a season. And the cool thing is you can return it to any place in town with bikes like this, and there is one not far from our app. BUT, it turns out that you cant borrow after midnight.

So we had to walk.

I had new shoes, and was building up a nice gnawing wound on my ankle, and ingrid was wearing high heels. Atleast she had the sense to get some band aid on hers earlier in the day.

So we ran after a bus when we saw one heading our directions.

Turns out the prices are doubled at night. And 100NOK isnt enough for a 5 minute bus ride for two, and my monthly card thingy helps nothing. Great.

Hers a picture of Ingrid right after the movie =)



One response to “Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince

  1. Hah.
    Tenkte å se filmen snart og ser derfor oppigjen de gamle nå. SÅ gikk det plutselig opp for meg.
    HERREGUD, filmene suger jo! Er det mulig? Emma Watson begynner heldigvis å bli hot. Flaks for hu, så kanskje jeg ser den likevel. (det er lov, hun er godt myndig afaik, bare ikke la de gå ut på dato sier jeg) Så håper jeg fyren srsly droppa hu asiatiske kjerringa fra forrige filmen, BITCH. (oh, snap!) Venter kanskje til High School Musical 5 elns istedet. Den blir bra. GLÆR MÆ. rips-galore. Satser Jonas Brothers blir med. Makes my giny tingle. Håper det blir eksplosjoner og terrorister med magiske maskingevær. PEOW PEOW + lasersverd.
    omg, comboen sin det. *roflskate-out*

    Gratz on phoen lol, ringer den også?

    Har dere sykkelheis også? Faen, det vil jeg ha. Srslae.

    Pizza med kylling og nøtter? Det er ræva jaffal. Eller tacopizza. Herrefaen eremulig. Man spiser ikke spagetti med sjokoladesus heller liksom. Litt som å lage kunst av hestetiss. Det funker, men lukter ikke så forbanna godt. Det tror jeg ikke hvitløksdressing og levende lys fikser engang.

    Hello mr.submarien.

    Har ikke tenkt deg til Bergen på Haugen-workshop vel? Det er hos oss. Cz we rox.

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