A cat.

This is a post about a random cat I met at my walk home from work =) Since Inspirasjon (my cat), doesnt live with me anymore, I tend to kinda stop for every single cat I meet on my way home from work 😛

Anyway, heres some pictures of it =)


_MG_4075  _MG_4087 _MG_4095 _MG_4067 

Just did some basic colour tweaking , and a few clone and local adjustments in lightroom for these images =)


4 responses to “A cat.

  1. Aw, fin den e! Likt det siste bilde kjempegodt! 🙂

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  3. Bra uttrykk i det første bildet: “Human, you’re supposed to cuddle me, not take pictures. Cuddle me. Now.”

  4. Tenkte meg dette var noe du kom til å lik ja Lena =D

    Morsomt uttrykk på den der ja. Begynte faktisk å legge ned ørene og øynene osv da jeg tok opp kamera for det meste 😛

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