What Ive been do

Quite a bit of picture posting lately. But little about everyday life, and the other things than photowalking thats been going on ;=)

Today I had a shoot with 2 models and a MuA, but Ill talk more about that later. And Ive also schedualed another shoot for wedensday with a model from Trend Models, and a new MuA. Looking forward to it!

But in these last two weeks ive also had my birthday, the ninth of august- in contrary to common belives that its the fiftheenth ;=)

For that me, Ingrid and her little brother Isak went to Egon.

And here’s a few shots of that, ofcourse ;=)

Ingrid and Isak on Solsiden =)

_MG_9882 _MG_9883

And her is Isak enjoying himself at the actually resturant.

You can just see how much fun he’s having in his eyes, can’t you? Ah, to be young again…


Time skipping a few weeks ahead, me and Ingrid went outside yesterday.

Ingrid had a good time picking up rocks.




I call this next shot “Lonley stone picker”.


And lastly a photowalk-esque shot from me ;=)


This is actually where Studio  Lasse Berre is located. And also Trend Models used to have their office here. Lots of studios around in Ilsvika, many many photographers, we also have Atelier Ilsvika and Norsk Fotofagskole right in the neighboorhood.  Good place to be a photographer I guess ^^

I have a few more shots Id want to share, and everydaylife things, but Im really getting tired now, so untill next time ^^     


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