Summer beauty


A few more from my shoot earlier this week, with Models Ingvild and Priscilla. Make up by Natalie Moe Grongstad.

They are all shot in a white studio with just bouncing, to get a VERY soft look. Combined with large apertures. The one of Ingvild alone is shot on F1,8 ISO 400.

I set up a single 400W flash with a shoot trough umbrella; but I used the shoot trough as a reflector instead, pointing it away from me, straight onto 3 large white gobos =)

Shot with a 5D classic and a 85mm 1,8

IMG_9915-Edit-2 IMG_9992-Edit IMG_9992-Edit-Edit IMG_9915-Edit


Do you like the B/W or the colour versions?

Did some grain etc on the B/W ones.


2 responses to “Summer beauty

  1. Fargebildene, helt klart! 🙂 Fine portretter.

  2. Fargebildene, helt klart
    de va flotte sommerfarger på

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