Heres a few more from my shoot with Priscilla, Ingvild and MuA Natalie Grongstad.

I relly like film noir. And I certainly adore the style and feel of the real noir films.  I’ve had the time and chance to see to few.

I have the malteseer falcon and china town(perhaps better classefied as neo-noir?), and Ive seen a few others on download, but Ive seen remarkably few real noir classics, really.

Oh, and I do really love “the shadow” with Alec Baldwin. Its his best role as far as Im concerned (yes, I am aware I might be the only one who thinks so).  I think that one would fly as a modern noir too =)  Its lighting and style certainly is more noir than a lot thats being referred to as it 😉

But movies aside, here are some of the images =)

Once again Im a bit unsure what I like best,  so leave a comment =)

CF076756-Edit-2 CF076756-Edit-3CF076756-Edit  




Ive put the ones I like best as a big version =)


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