Twillight !

Ok, so I admit this title is merely a desperate attempt to grab the attention of the 2131254 million twillight fans out there. But if my brilliant memory serves me right, I think the vampires there have orange eyes, so its kinda not JUST for show 😉

I really was not inspired by it or anything. I dont even like twillight (gasp!), since it has the lamest vampires like. Ever.

Vampires are not supposed to glow like a fairy in sunlight, vampires should wail in agonizing pain while they slowly burn in dust. And also; they live in ancient castle and wear awesome designer suits (look up the devil in Reaper for inspiration on dress code for the modern undead).

Vampires also do not are not nice. They dont use their awesome speed and strength to spy on you while you sleep. They use it to rip you apart, or alternately they just grab you and bring you to their awesome castle where you MIGHT be allowed to be one of their brides (slaves), unless they get hungry for a snack on the way home. And when I say way home,  I mean while they are flying with you in their talons (since they have obliously turned into a giant bat, if they dont just decide to take you with them when they turn into mist and just magically reappear).

They also dont drive womens cars. If they by chance decide to drive, they will drive a Ferrari Diablo, because thats the only thing that would even remotely be awesome enough.  And it will be coloured blood red. By real blood.  Real virgin blood.

Well it sure was nice to get that out of the system!

Anyway, the eyes ended up like this mostly because I lit it with a small light source, and a golden reflector which gives a very golden hued eye if its the only light that hits the eye (like it is here). So I merely warmed up the eyes even more, and did the same to the hair.


IMG_0395-Edit IMG_0395-Edit-2 IMG_0395-Edit-3

Model is Ingvild M from Trend Models

Make up by Hege Bjørgvik

Photo by me.

Which version do you like best?

(and more importantly how annoyingly lame do you agree the “Vampires” in twillight are?)


One response to “Twillight !

  1. Den i midten er min favoritt. Jeg er fan av Anne Rice-vampyrer, så jeg har ikke giddet å sjekke ut Twilight. Kanskje jeg tar en titt på det en gang. Kanskje. Og da blir det bare fordi heita Kristen Stewart har hovedrollen i filmene.

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