Åsa Sjölander Fashion Movie =D

Åsa Sjolander Fashion Movie from Ole Martin Halvorsen on Vimeo.

My first serious movie, like. Ever.

Shot on my Canon 500D with mainly a 24-70L 2,8. But a few of the shots are with my Tokina 12-24 F4, and a few are with the 85 1,8 =)

Modelled by Åsa Sjölander

Music by The Trembling Turncoats

Photo/Directing/Editing by me ofcourse =)

This was shot in my studio with a Arri light, without any light modifiers.

Admittedly very inspired by Mike Kobal.

It was really fun / exciting for me doing my first movie-thingy. Learned a lot, and realize I need to learn a lot more.. To put i mildly I probably have the worst workflow in the entire world. I used like 6 – 7 hours after I was first finished with all the basic cutting, B/W conversion etc to find out a way to save it, open it in Adobe AE, and save it again in a way that doesnt make it suck on Vimeo.
Movie editing software, makes photoshop seem like ms paint!

Hope you take the time to go to the actual vimeo movie to view it in high definition!

Anyway, I hope you like it, and want to leave me a comment either here on the blog or on the vimeo clip =)


One response to “Åsa Sjölander Fashion Movie =D

  1. Just click “Åsa Sjolander Fashion Movie”
    to view it!

    I cant get the embedding to work properly!

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