Åsa Sjølander 3#

  Third, and actually not even the last post with images from my shoot with Åsa Sjölander. I dont have any shoots schedueled before like, late next week, so Ive got so little to post on my blog these days!

But anyway, heres a few more shots.. Ill edit a couple more tonight or tomorrow, and do another post then =)

I rather like, almost everything about this shot except the hair. Its a little to flat, and the strands of hair on her forehead is bugging me a bit, and I dont even think it’ll be much better even if I clone ‘em away i PS, it’ll still be to flat and the hair is kinda messed up after the headbanging while we where filming, anyway, so it doesnt really work that great with this look.


And a warm version:



These three is actually just quick lightroom edits… but I quite like them, even though I dont like them enough to do a full skin retouch on them =)

Boostet contrast, clarity and sharpness to max, and adjusted the exposure a bit, is all =)


Top one shot with my Canon 500D + 24 – 70L while I was filming, and the bottom shots with a Canon 1ds mark 3 with a 85 1,8.


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