What is TFP?

I get this question suprisingly often.

And even more suprisingly from people who are registered at typical TFP model / photographer sites, so I thought I could do a quick blog post explaning it.

Originally TFP was short for Time For Prints, and photographers would get shots for their portofolio (wich was printed “back then”), and models would get prints for their portfolio.

Natruallly, nowdays people often don’t even have a printed portfolio. And I must admit; I dont have one myself.

So, since what we receive is no longer prints, many have changed it to TFP/CD or simply TFCD, since some poeple still use compact discs. Apparently.

Personally I still prefer to call it TFP, but rather than Time for Prints, I call it Time for Pictures ;=) I feel thats much more appropiate, and it covers all mediums, and it most certainly doesnt look quite as silly as TFP/CD.

So to sum up; no matter what its called its basically a shoot where model / photographer and other involved parties get the shots, and can use it in their portfolios. Typically there is no one charging anyone for a TFP shoot, so if someone wants to charge you for a TFP they are either

a) Ignorant and doesnt know the meaning of the word

b) Trying to fuck you over.

Natrually, its most likely b).

Semi related to this topic; I have uploaded my norwegian TFP contract that I use with models here

I’ll do a post later with good sites to find models / MuAs for TFP work.


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