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A year in Stats (and lists) !

Top Fives !


(links people hit to get the hell out of my blog)

  1. (my actionset) – 207 clicks
  2. (my girlfriends blog) – 140 clicks
  3. (my portfolio) – 129 clicks
  4. (alt. link to my port) – 114 clicks
  5. (a model I photographed) – 113 clicks



(sites that sent people in my direction)

  1. – 1907 hits
  2. entire 2 – 4th and 3 – 7 th place is from random forums threads. kinda boring. skipping them.
  3. – 443 hits
  4. – 333 hits
  5. – 145 hits


Top posts and pages

(the stuff you crazy people liked best on my blog, or that is best optimized for google, depending on how you see it)

  1. Beauty Portfolio – 1388 hits.
  2. Photoshoot: Marianne Sivertsen – 967 hits
  3. Classical Rembrandt Lighting – 845 hits
  4. Photoshoot: Linn Lange – 831 hits
  5. Christina B – 763 hits


Search Engine Terms

(things people googled to get here)

  1. “rembrandt lighting” – 1081 searches
  2. “ingrid” – 128 searches
  3. “ida anette røed” – 109 searches
  4. “dodge and burn technique” – 87 searches
  5. “rembrant lighting” – 80 searches, done by people who cant spell.


Just WTF?!

(things people googled and got dissapointed about when ending up here)

  • “mastrubation” – 19 searches that led to my site. Nice. Hope it didnt dissapoint.
  • “nsfw” – 17 people got dissapointed when landing her searching from their work computers. sorry guys!
  • “bad skin” – some 28 teenagers searching for a cure for their bad skin also got rather dissapointed when they landed on my retouching tutorial or something instead.
  • “weirdest” – 26 people think Im pretty weird. or something like that.

So with that, Ill leave you with a happy new year =) Enjoy my schedualed posts for the rest of the the year. And I will see you again in the next =) With a NEW blog coming up, hosted on my own server ! Look out for it =)



Merry Christmas =D

Merry xmas to everyone =D !

(my longest and most fulfilling post this year)

Li ! =)

Last weekend, me and Ingrid was in Li, to visit our family cabins. Both our families actually have neighbouring cabins (we got  there first, btw).

And well, anyway, heres some pictures of the view from the roof of our cabin.

_MG_1124 _MG_1119

And here’s my dad climing down from forementioned roof 😉_MG_1127

Aaaand heres Ingrid Throwing snow at the camera. Evil._MG_1135

Aaand now shes making snow angels

_MG_1143 _MG_1147

Aaand her brother, Isak is doing it wrong. Really wrong.


This is a family shot of Ingrid and her family. Minus their pet, Mathias._MG_1152

And lastly a shot of me and Ingrid. Shot by her little brother Isak. He performed better here than at the snow angel making. Luckily.


My deviantArt

Im not only on flickr, Ive also had a dA account for quite a few years. And Ive recently (today) began to update it again. I kinda miss the community there, doubiously infected by kids and “fine art nudes”-selfportrait artists as it may be. Its really a nice place for inspiration, actions and textures, so Im gonna give it a try again =)

You can find my deviantart at and add me to watch and leave me a comment! =D

Last post on Theresa

I promise this is the last post with images from my shoot with Theresa =D

Got a few versions again this time =)

 IMG_9940-2-Edit IMG_9940-2-Edit-2 IMG_9940-2-Edit-3

Wich version do you like best?

And also a simple seamless white full figure to finish it all off.. =)



Movie time =D

OK, so now Ive finally gotten the last of my order from, and this is how it looks!

The meanest looking 500D in town, mounted with a Tokina 12-24 F4 MK I lense, a Rôde Microphone, and a Yamaha Pockettrak 2g.


Tokina 12-24


Yamaha 2G– it’s a sound recording device, it can be used with its built in mic, or I can use it with my external mic (since the 500D doesnt have a mini jack in), and its so small Im just gonna find a way to mount it on the side of the mic. Probably.


Røde mic


Now I just need something to shoot! 😀

I, Flickr

Atlast, I finally have a flickr account – well, actually Ive had one for some time now. But it hasnt been very active, but its gonna be.






You can find me @ or you can click my recent images on the sidebar flickr widget here =)