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New blog !

I cant belive I havent posted this here yet ! But I have new blog and it can be found at my own domain at !

Ive been blogging there the last few months!

Hope everyone who follows my old blog takes the time to go and visit it, and add it to bookmark, rss feed or something.


Maria M #1 on location

A image from my shoot with Maria M =)

Same image used in my article about the quadras. Sadly havent had time to retouch images from this spectacularly cold shoot yet. It. Was. Freezing.


Stine #2

I’ve been working 12+ hours a day this week, so a little slow on the blogging thing 😉

But here’s another image from my shoot with Stine, from last week =)

_GH_9823-Edit-2 _GH_9823-Edit

Shot on a canon 1ds mk iii / 24-70L.

B/W or Colour?

Akt fotografering #1

Her er noen av de første bildene fra akt fotograferingen jeg hadde her i forrige uke =)

Assistert av Lena Mikkola

_MG_8155-Edit _MG_8166-Edit _MG_8109-Edit


My CD cover assignment =)



Different versions of Carina

A few different versions of the last shot..


Which one do you like best?


_MG_2674-Edit-Edit _MG_2674-Edit-Edit-2 _MG_2674-Edit

Envoirmental portraits

So I am totally clueless as how to translate “miljøeportretter” to english. But Im trying my best, atleast ;=)

A few more shots for an assignment on my fagprøve. I quite like the biker-dude and the anitque book store-dude, myself. I think I might add the bookstore dude to sometime…

Anyway, here they are =)


_MG_0205-Edit_MG_0212-Edit _MG_0216-Edit _MG_0229-Edit _MG_0241-Edit