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Grunge !

A few location shots of Charite. Shot these right outside the studio after we where done with our studio session last time..

Weather was rather awesome. Just after sunset. To bad it was cold as hell!

Testing some new textures etc here. Some soft grunge brushes..  Doesnt really show that much, but it gives some grain and structur to the images =)



And another one, a little bit happier =D With some vintage tones.


I bet the first thing you notice, is the awesome wardrobe here. Wich is because the coat is mine, so its natrually rather legendary. 


Vennegjeng fotografering =)

Starting to mix in a bit of Norwegian on my blog (mainly on client images, I imagine.. gonna test out a bit, so we will see how much norwegian Ill use (maybe Ill do both)=))

Fotograferte disse jentene i midten av desember engang! En av de kuleste gruppefotograferingene jeg har gjort på en god stund. De ga fotograferingen til hverandre som en julegave (clever, indeed) :=)

JEG synes ihvertfall det var en super julegave idè (men det er ikke umulig at jeg er litt lite subjektiv;) ).


_U1C2606-Edit _U1C2623-Edit _U1C2666-Edit _U1C0007-Edit

(klikk på bildene for å gjøre de større)


Det koster bare 800,- kroner for en fotografering – uansett. Det du får med på fotograferingen er selve fotograferingen i studio eller på location (du kan være med å bestemme location selv, eller jeg kan finne en plass som passer). Du får se alle bildene som er gode som råkopier på ett internett galleri, der du velger ut bildene du vil ha retusjert.

Bildene du velger ut for retusjering vil du motta som prøvebilder digitalt, og de kan du bruke fritt til personlige formål feks på Facebook e.l, eller du kan såklart bare ha de for deg selv, vise på TVen når du har familie besøk etc.

Det følger med 10 bilder i fotograferingsprisen, men det er mulig å kjøpe med flere om du ønsker det =)

For å bestille time er det bare å fylle inn ett kontakt skjema på hjemmesiden min

Charite ! =)

  First image from my shoot with Charite ! Really pleased with the results, I must say. She is incredibly easy to photograph and pose =)

Shot in the studio first, and went out for a quick walk afterwards, just taking going around the house, and behind a few shops etc.  and the weather was kinda perfect, with the sun just about to set. Well, aside from the fact that it was ridiculously cold !

Make up is done by Miriam 



This outfit kinda reminds me of Sonia Rykel for H&M, now that I think about it =)



Another client shoot. So many good images, it was hard to pick one for initial blogging =D

But this one is just so happy ! Love the colours to :=)



Just a slightly more vibrant / saturated version of the same image.. not sure which I like best :=)



Well, now its time to sleep. Gotta get up “early” for a shoot tomorow ! Testing the Elinchrome Quadras for the first time on location. Gonna be exciting !

Charite Fashion Images

  Something a little bit more fashionesque of Charite, wearing a dress from Agape  Feel like Ive been posting images of the same people this entire week.

It’s probably because I have.

Almost probably maybe the second last post with images of charite now.. got a few more I want to edit from this shoot =)



More Charite

A few more from my shoot with Charite =) Well actually, its more than a few.. and i’ve actually only processed them in lightroom, B/W conversion with channels, some contrast, and exposure fix =)

Just some simple portraits this time =) Got a few really cool more fashionesque ones ready to 😉 But Ill save em for later today =)

_MG_9254 _MG_9257 _MG_9261 _MG_9240 _MG_9243 _MG_9245

Charite on location

A few more images from my shoot with Charite , on location this time..

It’s saturday, I’m tired as shit and  I think I might have to go out to get a costume + jaeger for haunts, so I’ll leave it at that, and drop my usual rant. Here’s the images:

_MG_9071-Edit_MG_9165-Edit _MG_9197-Edit