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Charite ! =)

  First image from my shoot with Charite ! Really pleased with the results, I must say. She is incredibly easy to photograph and pose =)

Shot in the studio first, and went out for a quick walk afterwards, just taking going around the house, and behind a few shops etc.  and the weather was kinda perfect, with the sun just about to set. Well, aside from the fact that it was ridiculously cold !

Make up is done by Miriam 



This outfit kinda reminds me of Sonia Rykel for H&M, now that I think about it =)



Vintage =)

Some more images of Pernille.. a little bit more vintage style, this time =D

I do so love colour tone slike this.. I wonder why I don’t shoot images like this more often.. :=D

Fotograf Trondheim Fotograf Trondheim Fotograf Trondheim

Pernille on location =)

A few more shots from my shoot with Pernille ! It’s quite a while since I shot these. But better late than never, eh.

IMG_4339-Edit IMG_4354-Edit

Both these where shot on Sverresborg, at the top there. Rather nice location. I was at sverresborg – a lot – this summer, but never really spotted this awesome place oO

Pernille #1

Just back at the studio dropping off some equipment, and ordering som prints for christmas, and since my computer at home is down, I figured I’d edit atleast one image while I was here, anyway ;=)

My computering being stuffed away by some workers removing my floor is also the reason for my inactivity btw =D

So heres the first image from my shoot with Pernille =)

Charite Fashion Images

  Something a little bit more fashionesque of Charite, wearing a dress from Agape  Feel like Ive been posting images of the same people this entire week.

It’s probably because I have.

Almost probably maybe the second last post with images of charite now.. got a few more I want to edit from this shoot =)



More Charite

A few more from my shoot with Charite =) Well actually, its more than a few.. and i’ve actually only processed them in lightroom, B/W conversion with channels, some contrast, and exposure fix =)

Just some simple portraits this time =) Got a few really cool more fashionesque ones ready to 😉 But Ill save em for later today =)

_MG_9254 _MG_9257 _MG_9261 _MG_9240 _MG_9243 _MG_9245

Christina #2

A few more images from my shoot with Christina Hegdahl =)