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Pregnant =)

    A few more images from my shoot with Berit, a few weeks back 🙂

I do like the hair here. It flies rather perfectly, I think. Thats the thing when using fans, just shoot – a lot – of images and hope the hair flies right on one of them =D Luckily it did


I do like the shapes we get here with the hard b/w contrast



And this one is just kind of cute =)



Charite ! =)

  First image from my shoot with Charite ! Really pleased with the results, I must say. She is incredibly easy to photograph and pose =)

Shot in the studio first, and went out for a quick walk afterwards, just taking going around the house, and behind a few shops etc.  and the weather was kinda perfect, with the sun just about to set. Well, aside from the fact that it was ridiculously cold !

Make up is done by Miriam 



This outfit kinda reminds me of Sonia Rykel for H&M, now that I think about it =)


Pernille on location =)

A few more shots from my shoot with Pernille ! It’s quite a while since I shot these. But better late than never, eh.

IMG_4339-Edit IMG_4354-Edit

Both these where shot on Sverresborg, at the top there. Rather nice location. I was at sverresborg – a lot – this summer, but never really spotted this awesome place oO

Li ! =)

Last weekend, me and Ingrid was in Li, to visit our family cabins. Both our families actually have neighbouring cabins (we got  there first, btw).

And well, anyway, heres some pictures of the view from the roof of our cabin.

_MG_1124 _MG_1119

And here’s my dad climing down from forementioned roof 😉_MG_1127

Aaaand heres Ingrid Throwing snow at the camera. Evil._MG_1135

Aaand now shes making snow angels

_MG_1143 _MG_1147

Aaand her brother, Isak is doing it wrong. Really wrong.


This is a family shot of Ingrid and her family. Minus their pet, Mathias._MG_1152

And lastly a shot of me and Ingrid. Shot by her little brother Isak. He performed better here than at the snow angel making. Luckily.


Stine T #3

Running a little behind on my images, since Ive been without a computer for so long !

But here are a couple more from my shoot with Stine T, that I had like, what, a month ago ?

Last shoot I had at @ studio g, actually, I think.




Stine #2

I’ve been working 12+ hours a day this week, so a little slow on the blogging thing 😉

But here’s another image from my shoot with Stine, from last week =)

_GH_9823-Edit-2 _GH_9823-Edit

Shot on a canon 1ds mk iii / 24-70L.

B/W or Colour?

Stine Fashion Images

A image from my shoot earlier today. I was retouching this, and juuust when I was about to finish with some light D&B, my photoshop froze. Ofcourse.

I so totally hate having to do the same thing over and over again, so almost didnt edit this one again 😛 But I ended up liking it to much =) She really doesnt look 163cm here =) More like 170ish…

Anyway, heres the image

_GH_9903-Edit-2 _GH_9903-Edit-3 _GH_9903-Edit

Like the good blogger Im trying to be; a few mandatory Q’s at the end, ofcourse.

Which version do you like best?

And why the fuck hasnt Photoshop gotten a auto save function yet?