Grunge !

A few location shots of Charite. Shot these right outside the studio after we where done with our studio session last time..

Weather was rather awesome. Just after sunset. To bad it was cold as hell!

Testing some new textures etc here. Some soft grunge brushes..  Doesnt really show that much, but it gives some grain and structur to the images =)



And another one, a little bit happier =D With some vintage tones.


I bet the first thing you notice, is the awesome wardrobe here. Wich is because the coat is mine, so its natrually rather legendary. 


3 responses to “Grunge !

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  2. siste bildet er uten tvil min favoritt 🙂 fine fargetona, ka framgangsmåte har du brukt?

    • Det er en av actionene i action settet mitt.. du kan bare søke på bloggen min her etter photoshop actions, så finner du det ^^

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