So, today I just picked up my brand new Canon EOS 500D.

I bet some of you might be wondering “WTH?” =D But its really quite smooth. I can shoot full HD video. And its gonna be awesome. I might even start videoblogging a bit ;=) Or atleast film some behind the scenes stuff =)

We’ll see. I probably need to re-learn to edit film to. Since its a long time since I did that..

Got a Ròde Microphone on the way to. Its connected with a hotshoe, and im like, halfway sure it’ll work. Probably. Hopefully.

Also got a 16gb, 2 x 4gb memory cards on the way. HD filming really takes some space.. and a Tokina 11-16 F2,8 =D


3 responses to “500D

  1. Siri Fotograf

    Har du mye pæng eller ? =P
    men det er et konge kamera må jeg si. prøvde det raskt på jobben, og gode forbedringer i fra 450-en!

  2. Hadde vært kult med litt behind the scenes dokumentasjon 😀

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